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Keep Your Valuables and Gun Safe From WASAI®

Console Safe in-vehicle safes are designed to protect your valuables and firearms from auto theft. Built from heavy-gauge steel with a choice of locking mechanisms, each hidden car safe is easy to install and is created to meet automotive manufactures’ stringent quality standards.

With WASAI’s in-vehicle safes we have hundreds of different applications, designed for light trucks, SUVs, and select sedans across many makes, models, and years.

Our selling console safe series

WASAI® has been maintaining the innovation of research and development to provide a suitable safe for every user as much as possible. At present, the series we are selling include:

If we don't have a safe for fit your car, you can leave a message on our blog, and you may become our free trial customer.

When traveling outdoors, it is equipped with a wasai center console gun safe to make your journey more assured.

In-Vehicle Safe Why choose WASAI®?

WASAI's goal is to provide customers with products that protect their valuables from car theft.

There are numerous benefits of purchasing a WASAI car console safe, and some of these benefits include:

· All safes are made of 12-gauge steel

· 4 choices of locking mechanisms

· Spring hinges for easy opening

· No modifications to the vehicle's factory console

· Hidden from view

· Easy and quick installation

· Backed by 100% satisfied customer service

· Reliability and durability

· Lifetime Warranty

· Rewards Program

· It covers many car models

Our Users

WASAI custom use console safe image
WASAI custom use console safe image
WASAI custom use console safe image
WASAI custom use console safe image
anti-theft center console gun safe effect image

Our console safe is the most popular choice for users.

In order to reduce the theft of valuables in the car and improve the user experience, our product research and development is considered from multiple dimensions.

For example, the adaptability of vehicles, the simplicity of installation, the combination of science and technology, the choice of strong and durable materials, etc., are considered in many aspects.

At the same time, we have a 100% response rate in the service to solve all users' concerns.

Let every user feel at ease before purchasing and after purchasing.

No longer worry about the possibility of stolen valuables and guns in the car, because they are fully assured.


Daniel Wyers

Ford F150 and Ford F-250/350/450 Super Duty and Ford Expedition Center Console Safe (4-Digit Combo Lock) : 2015-2024

Fits great!

Daniel Wyers

The console safe fits the console opening perfectly in my 2018 F-150 XLT. I did struggle with the instructions a little at first until I realized what it was asking me to do. Make this easy on yourself, put the two wall pieces in the bottom of the console, then close the life and angle it to fit it all the way in the bottom of the console. Next, you will open the lid and pull up the top as far as you can and then connect the wall pieces that are conveniently sitting in the bottom of the console. This will hold everything in place while you finish with the nuts and screws. Whole installation took about 15 minutes.

customer Bruce Maurer

Toyota Tacoma Center Console Safe (4-Digit Combo Lock with Key) : 2016-2024

Great choice for public parking

Bruce Maurer

I don't know why it took me so long to buy this. Unboxing to full installation took no more than 15 minutes. A 10mm socket and extension made this a short and smooth install. The setting the combination lock was extremely straight forward. I would suggest adding a little light weight lubricating oil to the rotating parts. Turning the locking mechanism was gritty and stiff feeling at unboxing.

customer default photo

Chevy Silverado 1500/2500HD/3500HD and GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 Center Console Safe (4-Digit Combo Lock) : 2022-2024

Console Safe for my 2023 Silverado Duramax High Country 3500


This is safe is the cat meow, I was trying to buy another known brand safe that I want say here, I try to ask them that do they have a console safe that would fit my 2023 Silverado Duramax High Country 3500 and after two email with no reply, well I went with this brand. I added a different type spend lock, the safe is pretty good, I would say it's just as good as the some of the other safe out there the safe fit like a glove and I am very happy with this, it should last me as long as I have my Silverado.

customer ksq

Ford F-150/F-150 LFord F150 and Ford 250/350/450 Super Duty and Ford Expedition Center Console Safe (Fingerprint Lock with Key) : 2015-2024

Fits 2023 F150 perfectly. 10 min install.


Cannot say enough good things about this center console safe. 10 min install. Very secure and looks factory oem. Fingerprint opens very quick. Highly recommend.

customer default photo

Chevy SilveraChevy Silverado 1500/2500HD/3500HD and GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 Center Console Safe (4-Digit Combo Lock with Key) : 2022-2024

Works great, as good as factory installed.

Alfie RB

This works great, and from the looks of it, is as good as OEM from the factory. The only issue I have is I was trying to get a custom tray to put on top of it, and the safe doesn't leave enough room for it. Other than that, works great. Was easy to setup and the instructions were well written and easy to understand. Also, a nice touch is you can keep it unlocked, but closed, while you're in the car, in case you need quick access to your firearm while driving. When you leave the truck, you can lock it via the combination. Highly recommend it, and would buy it again.

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